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Introducing Sparetek's Spray Bottle Wire Rack: the ultimate solution for efficient organization and storage of chemical bottles in laboratories, janitorial, and industrial settings. Engineered with durability, space-saving design, and safety in mind, this wire rack is the perfect addition to any workspace where chemicals are utilized.

Durable Build: Crafted from corrosion-resistant materials, our wire rack offers reliable support for bottles of all shapes and sizes, even in harsh chemical environments.

Space-Saving: Maximize efficiency by securely mounting the rack on the wall, freeing up valuable bench or floor space for enhanced productivity and safety.

Secure Storage: Specially designed compartments and locking mechanisms keep chemical bottles safely in place, preventing spills and ensuring an organized workspace.

Chemical Resistance: Our rack is designed to withstand a wide range of chemicals, ensuring safe and secure storage for your valuable inventory.

Professional Design: With its sleek and modern aesthetic, our wire rack adds a professional touch to any laboratory, janitorial, restaurant, or industrial facility.

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