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OEM: #109985
ELECTRIC HEATER FLANGE SEAL GASKET;CHAMPION 1000 Series HT, 1000 Series LT, 100HDPW, 106PW,;108HDPW, 110FFPW, 120HDPW, 44, 44DR, 44DRWS, ;44LT, 44WS, 54,;64, 66DRPW, 66DRWSPW, 66LT, 66PW, 66PWWS, 70FFPW, 72, 76PW,;80DRWSHDPW, 80FFPW, 80HDPW, 84, 86PW, 90FFPW, 90HDPW,;94FFPW, 94PW, D-H1TCM5, D-H1TM5, D-HB, D-HBM3, D-HBM4,;D-HBM5, D-HBT, D-HBTCM4, D-HBTCM5, D-HBTM4, D-HBTM5,;DH-1000, IDH-200, TUW, U-BW, U-H1, U-HB, UC-C, UC-CW,;UH-100B, UH-150B, UH-170, UH-170B, UH-200B, USN-10, UTL

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