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Manual Push-Pump Dispenser
The 616 HydroPump is a hand-powered push pump used to dispense cleaning chemicals into sinks, buckets, or any other cleaning receptacle. The HydroPump allows the operator to control the amount of product yielded and is an excellent option for any kitchen, janitor's closet or laundry facility. With a single push of the pump, the desired chemical is directed into the appropriate container or sink compartment.


  • Resistant to most chemicals, including Chlorine
  • Field-adjustable to deliver 1/2, 3/4, or 1 oz. per push
  • Recovers quickly to maintain accuracy if multiple doses are required
  • Extremely accurate with both thick and thin products
  • Product can be stored up to one foot above the pump for use in confined spaces
  • 6 ft. suction tube
  • Directional spout

 SKU: #9T14337

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