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by Hobart
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OEM: #00-430797
POWER CARTRIDGE, TOP 3" OD W/ 1" CTRS MOUNT HOLES;BODY 3-13/16" LONG;USED WIH LEFT OR RIGHT MOUNTING BRACKETS;SERIES CHG R56, STANDARD KIEL 2856,;BEVERAGE AIR CFG24, CFG36, CFG48, CFG74, CRG24, CRG36,;CRG48, CRG74, KF12, KF24, KF36, KF48, KF74, KR12, KR24,;KR36, KR48, KR74, UCR27 ;NORLAKE REFRIGERATOR NR(211,482,763), LR(152,192);FREEZER NF(211,482,763), ZF081SMS-22 (DQ TOPPING FREEZER);T-23-2, TSSU 36-12MB, TSSU 48-18MB, TSSU Series, TSSU-48,;TSSU-48-8-47, TUC-48, TUC-60, TUC27F, TWT-48, TWT-60, TWTF;TRAULSEN CU27, CU48, CU60, G12000, G12001, TU048QC

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