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FAN BLADE 5 1/2", CW

Original price $14.53 - Original price $14.53
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$14.53 - $14.53
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OEM: #GT032804
PLASTIC FAN BLADE;5-1/2" CW BLADE, 3/16" HOLE, 5 BLADES, BLACK;ROTATION CW LOOKING FROM BACK OF BLADE - MOTOR SIDE -;FACING AIR DISCHARGE.;DELFIELD 4427N, 4427N-6, 4427N-9M, 4432N, 4432N-12M, 4448N,;4448N-12, 4448N-18M, 4448N-8, 4460N, 4460N-12, 4460N-12M,;4460N-18M, 4460N-24M, 4460N-8, 4462N-18M, 4464N, 4464N-12,;4464N-12M, 4464N-16, 4464N-24M, 4464N-30M, 4464N-8, 4472N,;4472N-12, 4472N-18M, 4472N-24M, 9036, 9048, 9060, 9072,;D4427N, D4427N-9M, D4432N, D4432N-12M, D4448N, D4448N-18M,;D4448N-8, D4460N, D4460N-12, D4460N-12M, D4460N-18M,;D4460N-24M, D4460N-8, D4462N-18M, D4464N, D4464N-12,;D4464N-12M, D4464N-16, D4464N-24M, D4464N-8, D4472-24M,;D4472-30M, D4472N, D4472N-12, D4472N-18, D4472N-18M,MFR2-G,;MFR2-S, MFR2N-S, MFR3-S, MRPT2-G, MRPT2-S, MRPT3-G,

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