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OEM: #6001445
FAN MOTOR ;120V, 60HZ, .28A;GLASTENDER BB108, BB108BR, BB108BW, BB108L, BB108R, BB108WR,;BB36, BB36-D, BB60, BB60-H, BB60BR, BB60BW, BB60L, BB60R,;BB60WR, BB84, BB84BR, BB84BW, BB84L, BB84R, BB84WR, BDS,;DI-FR, DI-FR-DW, DI-FR36, DI-FR36-DW, DI-FR36-DW-FL,;DI-FR36-FL, FRA-24, FRA-36, FRB-24, FRB-36, KC48, KC72,;KC84, LP108, LP108L, LP108R, LP60, LP60L, LP60R, LP84,;LP84L, LP84R, MF24, MF24-B2, MF36, MF36-B2, MF48, MF48-B2,;MF48-B2-T, MFV24, ND52, ND52BR, ND52BW, ND52L, ND52R,;ND52WR, ND72, ND72BR, ND72BW, ND72L, ND72R, ND72WR, ND92,;ND92BR, ND92BW, ND92L, ND92R, ND92WR, ST24, ST24-BG, ST36,;ST48, ST48-BG, ST48-BG (2010 AND AFTER), ST60, ST72, ST96,;UCR24S-L, UCR24S-R, UCR24X-L, UCR24X-R

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